Multi-Cylinder Cone Crusher Spare Parts

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Qiangang offers a wide range of wear and spare parts for cone crushers, jaw crushers and gyratory crushers. Our products are designed to enhance crushing performance, ensuring seamless operation without unplanned downtime. In addition, we also supply high-quality components for non-money steel crushers. These parts are engineered using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology and decades of mineral processing and aggregate production expertise. The perfect fit and long-lasting durability of our crusher wear and spare parts guarantee top-notch performance. For more details, simply fill out the contact form and include your OEM part number to see how we can further assist you.

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Premium parts for multi cylinder cone crusher

Anshan Qiangang has perfected the art of manufacturing quality aftermarket wear and replacement parts, offering unrivaled products and service that exceed the standards of typical parts suppliers worldwide. In almost all cases, ready-to-use components are stocked on our shelves or in casting stock, allowing us to significantly reduce lead times and provide prompt and efficient customer service.

Whether you are looking for just a quick replacement, planning to upgrade to a new safety or environmental standard, or in need to remove a production bottleneck, having the proper parts supply is critical. You can count on the engineering, production and supply of the OEM.

With multiple fabrication options and upgrades to choose from, Qiangang cone crusher parts are eliminating the risk that the replaced or upgraded part becomes the weak point. They offer stable production without unexpected downtime.

Main components

  • Frames
  • Mainshaft
  • Eccentrics
  • Heads

Common components

  • Bushings
  • Pinions and gears
  • Pinionshafts & countershafts
  • Adjustment rings and bowls

All our spare parts are designed to the safety and environmental standards.

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and first-class service resonates in every aspect of our operations. Discover world-class solutions tailored just for you with Anshan Qiangang; contact us today to experience the difference.

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According to technical changes and updates, the technical parameters of the equipment are adjusted at any time. You can directly contact us to obtain the latest technical parameters.

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